GM Crate Engines in Victoria BC!

Looking to add power to your vehicle? You should be looking at high performance crate engines.

A crate engine is well…just that. It's an engine that arrives in a crate or wooden box, dropped off at your door*, ready and anxious to be dropped right into your vehicle.

Benefits of a crate engine include:

  • Proven performance and power
  • Highly dependable
  • Backed with an amazing industry warranty
  • Selection
  • Saves on time and trouble

In short, crate engines provide very attractive, turn-key power at affordable prices.

The four most popular vehicle uses for crate engines are:

  1. Racing
  2. Towing
  3. Off-Roading
  4. Working

Some people simply have an attachment to their everyday vehicles and don't want to buy a new car if their current vehicle hasn't broken down. Instead of spending the money on a different car, they'll buy a crate engine to get their beloved car back up and running.

When searching for crate engines, you will run into various categories.

Short Block vs Long Block

A common question among newcomers to crate engines is:
Is a short block smaller than a long block?

The answer is no. They're the same size but the titles of these crate engines can be misleading. A "short block" engine is one in which they've left many of the parts off of the engine. (ie. Heads, rocker arms, oil pan, etc) So, they have been "shorted" from the long block engine.

Small Block vs Big Block

This is usually in reference to the overall engine size. Also, the Big Block engine puts out more torque, power and weighs more. Small block engines are commonly for large cars and performance cars while big block engines are commonly used for trucks.

Circle Track Racing

A Circle Track Racing crate engine (aka Circle Track crate engine) provides durable and competitive power at affordable pricing. This helps provide a more level playing field and cuts down the cost of competing on the track.

Because of this, these Circle Track crate engines are growing in popularity in the circle track racing circuits.

LS Series

If you need something that provides a little more power than your everyday runner engine, think about the LS series crate engines.

The technology behind the LS series is quite impressive, not to mention they look amazing in muscle cars! This is the only engine type placed in rear-wheel drive GM vehicles since 1998.

LSX Series

Want to turbocharge or supercharge your engine with up to 15+ lbs of boost? Take a look at the LSX Series crate engines.

The LSX Series engines provide a much stronger block, made of cast iron. These are built as racing engines but are also used in police and government vehicles as well.

Small Blocks

Economy Performance Crate Engine

350 - 290hp

Part # 19355658
Economy Performance Engine
Sale Priced: $3,685.99

Turn Key Crate Engine with Iron Vortec Heads

350 HO 330hp

Part # 19210009
Turn Key - with Iron Vortec heads
Sale Priced: $7,038.70

Turn Key Crate Engine - Aluminum Heads

ZZ6 Base

Part # 19351532

Sale Priced: $7,866.76

Ram Jet 350 Crate Engine - Iron Vortec Heads


Part # 19355815
Ram Jet 350 - PFI with Iron Vortec Heads
Sale Priced: $9,199.50

Circle Track Racing Crate Engine CT 350 / 350

HT 383

Part # 19355720
HT383 Base - Performance Engine
Sale Priced: $6,055.00

Small Block Power & Torque Crate Engine

HT 383E

Part # 19355721
Small-Block Power and Torque for Your Full-Size Truck
Sale Priced: $6,055.00

ZZ383 Crate Engine - Aluminum Vortec Heads

SP 383 Deluxe

Part # 19355722
ZZ383 with Aluminum Vortec Heads
Sale Priced: $9,365.00

Circle Track Racing

Circle Track Racing Crate Engine CT 350 / 350

CT 350 / 350

Part # 88869602
Competitive and durable racing power at an economical price!
Sale Priced: $4,857.15

Circle Track Racing Crate Engine - CT 350 / 400

CT 400

Part # 88869604
Run up front with our race-winning 400-horsepower 350 with Fast Burn heads!
Sale Priced: $8,719.99

Circle Track Racing Crate Engine - CT 525 / 525

CT 525 / 525

Part # 19331563
Corvette's powerful LS3 engine adapted to racing!
Sale Priced: $9,376.88

Crate Engines LS Series

Crate Engines LS3 6.2L

LS3 6.2L

Part # 19369326
2008 Corvette Gen IV V-8
Sale Priced: $8,330.50

Crate Engines LS 376/480

LS 376/480

Part # 19301358
EFI LS3 Gen IV V-8 LS3 + Hot Cam = Loads of Fun.
Sale Priced: $8,710.99

Crate Engines LS 376 / 515

LS 376/515

Part # 19301359
Carbureted LS3 Gen IV V-8. The LS3 gets a big cam and carbureted intake manifold for an additional 120 horsepower!
Sale Priced: $9,401.50

Crate Engines LS 7

LS 7

Part # 19329246
2006 Corvette Z06 seven liters of pure troublemaker!
Sale Priced: $17,688.00

Crate Engines LS9 6.2L SC

LS9 6.2L SC

Part # 19260165
Corvette ZR1 bragging rights for your project car!
Sale Priced: $26,865.00

Engines LSX Series

Crate Engines LSX 376

LSX 376

Part # 19332312
The LSX376 is Ready for Forced Induction! Bare Assembly
Sale Priced: $9,278.15 

Crate Engines LSX 454

LSX 454

Part # 19355573
A classic cubic-inch combination with the latest LS engine technology delivers around 600 hp! Bare Assembly
Sale Priced: $15,145.10

Big Block Engine Series

Big Block Crate Engine ZZ 427

ZZ 427

Part # 19331572
480hp! The 427 rat in a box returns to GM!
Sale Priced: $16,417.66

Big Block Crate Engine 454 HO

454 HO

Part # 12568774
Musclecar power at a low-buck price! With iron heads and roller cam.
Sale Priced: $10,411.20

 Big Block Crate Engine ZZ 454

ZZ 454

Part # 19331574
An aluminum-headed 440-horse monster in a box!
Sale Priced: $11,072.65

Big Block Crate Engine HT 502

HT 502

Part # 88890534
Big towing power at an incredible value! Perfect truck replacement engine.
Sale Priced: $7,695.25

Big Block Crate Engine 502 HO

502 HO

Part # 12568778
Maximum displacement with maximum value! With iron heads and roller cam.
Sale Priced: $8,658.75

 ZZ 502/502

ZZ 502/502

Part # 19331576
Build-it-yourself kit of GM Performance Parts' 502" Rat! Base Engine.
Sale Priced: $9,740.80

Big Block Crate Engine RAM JET 502


Part # 12499121
With Aluminum Heads.
Sale Priced: $16,770.75

Big Block Crate Engine ZZ 572 / 620

ZZ 572/620

Part # 19331583
Big-block performance with torque to spare. Base assembly. 620 Horsepower
Sale Priced: $20,805.70

Big Block Crate Engine ZZ 572 / 720R

ZZ 572/720R

Part # 19201334
The ultimate beast! Deluxe assembly.
Sale Priced: $20,331.05


We're proud to offer all types of GM crate engines including Chevy crate engines.

GM Crate Engines

GM is one of only a few in the industry who have consistently lived up to their reputation for quality. Unlike other manufacturers, you won't see any one-off vehicles, concept cars or gimmicks with GM.

The early 1900's is when GM first appeared to the world at the New York Auto Show where they kicked off their trend of quality auto parts that continue to this day. As such, we're continuing to hold onto our century-long reputation by offering the best quality GM crate engines available.

Reliability and performance are what the general public have come to associate with GM. This is especially true with regards to the GM crate engines for sale here at Dave Wheaton GM.

Chevy Crate Engines

Almost any Chevy owner knows the soothing, yet powerful, noise of a roaring and humming Chevy engine.

Most people start out with a small block 350 engine, popular with the Camaro or Nova. If you have a different vehicle but still want to experience this power, simply purchase the Chevy crate engine and drop it into your vehicle of choice.

Whether you own a Camaro, Nova, Corvette, Chevelle or you're building a 60s muscle car, we have a variety of Chevy crate engines for you to select from.

Remember, there's no need to be a classic car owner or racer to appreciate and enjoy a Chevy crate engine.

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Engines may not be exactly as shown. Freight charges may apply.

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